Now Listening. . .

I really wouldn’t have ever thought myself a “fan” of any particular band. But then there’s CAKE. I own all of their albums. (Four.) There’s just something undeniably cool, in my opinion, about their sound. Good grooving bass lines. Brass–and who uses that nowadays? Talking instead of singing. Lyrics that are, uh, thought provoking. Good drums.

It just all comes together. And not just on one album. All of the CDs are easy to listen to. I find myself listening to all four albums in a day. . . And then starting over. Not every day mind you–but it’s hard to find a band that you can do that to.

Now Listening to: Wayne Frickin’ Newton. Who do you think I’m listening to right now? (Apologies to Wayne Frickin’ Newton, who I often emulate during my rendition of Danke Schoen. He rocks.)