Greater than the sum of

The day is here, and now I find myself at the apex of “mein gadgetlusten.”

Embarrasingly, and not surprisingly, I really want a PSP. Well, more accurately, one part of me does.

Part of me says, “Oh, hey, just stop by Best Buy–she’ll probably have one, that bitch knows everyone. But you can buy one, then sell it for twice the price on eBay! It’s not an impulse buy, it’s an investment. They’re not due to have any more until May! MAY!”

That part is lying.

If I get my hands on a PSP, I am opening that sucker up and playing Lumines (apparently pronounced, “Loo-mines” according to SONY).

I would like to separate that part of my consciousness. It’s responsible for things like owning almost every iteration of the Aiptek Pencam. I also have not one, but two copies of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones. That part is screaming inside, saying that “You will die if X isn’t in your possession right now. you will be less of a man. X will make you complete.”

That part has issues. A lot of Madison Avenue to work though. But I think he’ll be okay if he makes it through his lunch hour without accidentally stopping by the Best Buy near work.

That part wants to address the rest of you. He says, “I, for one, welcome our new, tiny, shiny, sexy SONY branded handheld convergent media entertainment device overlords.”