I expect you to freeze

I was in the shower this morning, which was different from my usual routice. I usually take showers in the evening, before going to bed, but I had fallen asleep early.

I had just started when I had the nagging feeling that I should have taken one last night.

Then I remembered that my building was shutting off hot water for boiler maintenance.


Sometime this morning.

“And now Mr. Bond, if you would kindly take a shower.”
“I took one last night, thank you Doctor.”
“No Mr. Bond, I must insist, since this is a very special shower. At any moment the temperature can change from a pleasantly lukewarm 40 degrees celsius, to a near freezing 5 degrees.”
“Sounds refreshing. When can I expect the change to occur?”
“That’s the beauty Mr. Bond. . . You don’t know.”

On the plus side, I showered quickly, blew up Dr. No’s doomsday device, and still managed to get to work in time to flirt with Ms. Moneypenny.