A whole new set of toys

Julie and Dan came over the other day to install a clock and a shelf for me in my condo. The clock is this iron monstrosity that hangs relatively freely from the wall, and has a clock face on both sides.

Dan came over with a gyroscopic laser level, which is a very neat and useful toy tool which I am very glad he bought otherwise I would want one. He also brought a cordless drill, a member of the power tools family of ManToys which I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting.

I positioned it (well, I picked the place, but Dan actually put the thing in) so I can see what time it is when I walk into my condo, and wherever I am from the living room.

The shelf is this light wood piece that is convenient for me to place my house keys, car keys, camera, wallet, handkerchief, bike keys, office keys, phone, notebook, pen, Hipster PDA, bills that I need to look at, iPod, headphones, and Barrel Man.

Getting both of those items installed makes me realize there is a whole other subset of toys that I find both unfamiliar and alluring.