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Comic to movie

WANTED was a great book about supervillains that run the world and keep us in the dark about the real truth of our existence.

WANTED the movie on the other hand, appears to be about a secret society of assassins that run the world and keep us in the dark about the real truth of our existence.

At first glance, they seem similar, but the comic had a great edge to it that the trailer lacks.  In the comic, the main character is a villain.  There’s no greater good to his actions.  There’s a progression in his character reminiscent of Tyler Durden’s rise in Fight Club.

In the trailer, it just feels like another action movie.

We’ll see.

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Long Weekend

Right now, I’m just amazed at the amount of planning that has to be done for a wedding*, and glad that I’m going to sleep at a relatively decent hour.

* Not mine.

The appeal of Rock Band

Rock Band, appeals because of its cooperative gameplay.  You can play just one instrument, but that isn’t the point.  In all, it is when you are in a room with three other people, performing a song is where the game truly comes into its core experience.

Yeah, we rocked out again tonight.

I’m hoping for groupies at some point.

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Rocking out on a Friday night

Too busy playing Rock Band to get a proper post up.



On Conyers, GA

The South.

My brother had this to say about it:

You know, I’ve been to Communist China, and the South still scares me.

And I can understand his fear.  Still, that wasn’t my experience when I went to The South (Proper caps) exactly one year ago.

The South still has a public relations nightmare to clean up after that whole state’s rights issue that got blown way out of proportion. Then, as usual, the only people you see on the television are folks that appear to be straight out of Deliverance. Continue reading

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