Daily Archives: July 16, 2008

NYC, Day 0

I’m shaking and I don’t know why.

Normally, I get anxious before I travel. Doesn’t matter when or where.

Usually it’s right when I have to start packing. The questions begin to start in my head. Have I brought enough? Did I bring everything I would need? Then the procrastinating begins.  A search for some little thing I’m not even planning to bring on the trip, some web browsing, maybe some video games.

This time, none of that works.

This time it’s different.

I can’t stop the shaking and there’s an overwhelming feeling of being trapped.

And I don’t know why.

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NYC, Early Evening 3

Staring into the hollow, tiny eyes of a bronze statue, I stop to think for a moment. I hold the cucumber eel brown rice sushi in my chopsticks and then I realize.

I have no idea where the hell I am. Continue reading

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