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I realized, when I saw this photo in Instagram later, that this is a really messed up photo. I am  laying down the instruments of consumption directly framing the half devoured victim.

So based on my past experience with this cake, and with this knife, chocolate sprinkles go everywhere when you cut a slice. So what do I do? I spread out a table napkin like a like a tarp on the floor.

Rookie mistake #1: Not spreading enough tarps on the floor

I realize this when my first cut goes in and then a piece goes flying off the cake. It lands just out of range for my napkin tarp, and with enough frosting to stick to the table.

“Son of a bitch!” I exclaim, stopping mid cut to grab an additional napkin—and then get back to the cake with a look of panic on my face—then I realize that with my attention split, the cut has gone all wobbly.

Now I’ve got two problems.


When you start really cleaning your place and get rewarded with $30 in @Nintendo eShop cards.

So I seriously started working on my kitchen table. As in cleaning the years of junk mail and other assorted detritus. DVDs, board games, small battery driven candles, bits and bobs and most of all physical junk mail all made it to this central horizontal surface in my house where I was presumably going to sort it later.
Later came and went.
And then there wasn’t a place to have dinner.
Also kind of a strange place to “park” $30 in gift cards.

Parallel to escalator rail, LED lit selfie.

You can actually see my phone in my sunglasses.

Meanwhile in Tenleytown, the jewel of the NW…

Yosaku is really the best, especially between 5 and 7 PM for dollar sushi. 

Winter canopy. 3/365

via Instagram
I just really like this view here.

Radically different in each season, but shown here is the framework.