I'm going to pick Dan and still beat you

This is a point of nostalgia for me, and I think, part of the reason why it really gels as a fun game.

It’s the middle of summer and I live in a house with eight other twenty-younglings.  There is a cathode ray television, twenty-one inches of diagonal measured space that is on top of a flat piece of plywood that is held off of the floor by cinder blocks.  My PlayStation (the first one) is suspended upside down, elevated by two paper backs because it won’t load games otherwise.

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is the game that is loaded and hasn’t come out of the PlayStation in weeks.

Everyone plays.  Guests.  Girlfriends.  Housemates.  All talking trash and then having a good time.

Ah, misspent youth.

This is probably why I really enjoyed Might & Magic Clash of Heroes on the DS.  There was just something about placing an RPG into a match three puzzle game with bits of strategy wargaming.  It doesn’t sound like it would mesh very well, but it really did pull me in for several hours before I decided that I had to send it back to GameFly so that I could purchase it outright.

Now it’s coming for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 for each of their respective  stores.

On the one hand, it’s HD.  On the other, I really liked the fact that it was portable.  Depending on the price, I may pick it up for the 360, simply because I might be able to finagle other people into playing it online for quick bursts of puzzle battling.

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  1. Jocelyn says:

    You left out the liquor.

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