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Winter canopy. 3/365

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I just really like this view here.

Radically different in each season, but shown here is the framework.


Part the third.

This was a DC Naked Half Smoke from Bold Bite Menu in Bethesda.

I was happy with it, overall. The bun was great, condiments were well chosen and the only issue was it had structural integrity problems, as condiments would not stay on it.  Could have been my eating technique, but the half smoke itself was delicious.

On the other hand I had just finished a flight of beer from Rock Bottom Brewery.


It might be time to audit some of these boxes. 2/365


This is why I have too much crap in my house. I cannot even play this tape. I mean, I remember maybe going to Sam Goody. I was probably wearing black jeans and a sweater, even though I lived in San Diego.

More than likely it was at Plaza Bonita or Mission Valley malls, considering that’s where I spent most of my ‘rat time.

But now it’s just a hunk of solidified petroleum, and this entire album can be streamed with better fidelity.

Yet it is still taking up room in my condo.

It’s been time for a purge, and I feel like this is the year.


Djinn and toy. Post New Year’s Eve recovery breakfast. 1/365

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As I’ve gotten older, I think about how my celebrations have changed.

In my teens, they required leaving the house and getting away. In my 20s, they were bar focused and social. In my 30s I started thinking about having experiences, places that were unique in some way, different from places I’ve been before.

Now I’m 40 and I just want to sit down, have animated conversations and drink high end booze in the comfort of someone’s home.

Pictured above is Djinn with a favorite toy at a friend’s house. She basically illustrates the relaxed sort of comfort I’m talking about.


Board Game Night!

XIA: Legends of a Drift System. Pictured above is a Tier III ship. We decided we were going to play a long game of XIA and we did, although we still got trounced by Dwight.
My early game needs work, and I’m not using my special abilities as often as I should.