Daily Archives: July 5, 2001

Commuting after July 4th

Well. I was doing okay up until the whole, “get up and go to work” thing. Had a great fourth of July yesterday. Watched the fireworks from Rosslyn in air conditioned conference room due to the generosity of a friend of ours. Better than sitting in a bunch of mud on the mall. The metro hasn’t quite recovered from last nights flood of wet riders, I could tell from the ride in today.

Realizing that perhaps my web skills have atrophied and maybe, just maybe I need to get back into maintaining this website a little more often. A pic a day, a paragraph a day, that’s all you guys ask, right? If there’s something you’d like to see, drop me a note.

Looking forward to shoujocon next weekend, most likely, that’ll mean a lapse in updates for that weekend. Not that I was updating all that much to begin with.