I feel like chicken tonight

Nothing screams factory farm like an automated chicken harvester. It’s called the E-Z Catch Harvester and the machine is both disturbing and amusing. Thankfully, the site provides a video and I suggest that you watch it, because there is nothing like seeing chickens eaten by a large machine, and then shot out of said machine into coops. You may say that I am losing a war with the nation of hyperbole. I say you should click on the link and watch the video.

The video is silent, which makes it all the eerier. I would have preferred some banjo, maybe something with a lot of fast picking.

Now they need to make something completely autonomous that plucks, slaughters, packages and freezes chickens.

My mother once told me the story of her grandmother walking out into the backyard, breaking a chicken’s neck, and walking back in to prepare dinner.

Now we have a 40 foot long robot that puts chickens into coops, that go to a slaughterhouse, that kills the chicken, that goes to the market, where you buy the chicken, that you make for dinner. (Yes, I know it’s oversimplified but bear with me.)

Have we come a long way, or have we fallen?