Daily Archives: February 7, 2010

At the very least, it's something

The snow was packed mostly in the street, but there were uneven spots that made me weary.  I didn’t notice until he and I were passing each other.  He was headed uphill, from the direction I had come.  We passed within five feet of each other, silent.

His clothes were from a more civilized era.  H’s wearing a waistcoat, tie, a proper hat and an overcoat.  Also, galoshes.

I’m wearing a pair of North Face snow boots and jeans, my “comrade” hat and a parka.

What catches my eye is what he’s cradling in his arms.

A film camera, wrapped in leather, hanging directly from a small thin strap.

My hand subconsciously drops to my DSLR, hung to the side of my waist by a strap that goes across my chest.

I take a few more steps then turn around.  He’s turned to look at me as well.  I wave and he waves back.

“Enjoy!”  I say.

He nods.  “I will.”

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