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Slash: Romance Without Boundaries

This isn’t so much a review as much as it is a record of my experience playing slash. Your mileage may vary, depending on the crowd that you play slash with. Needless to say, if you know what the term, “slash” refers to in terms of fiction, then you’ll already know what this game is about.

If anyone plays this with you and gets upset, you may need new friends. I mean, it’s right there on the tin. This game is exactly what it says it is.

Each card has a character, where they are from, their gender if applicable, and a short snarky description to jog your memory

This card game is a bunch of cards with characters or people from all aspects of pop culture. Comic books. Movies. Actors. Video games. Mythology. 80s Cartoons. 90s Cartoons. Cereal mascots. Historical figures. Anime. Literary figures from every genre. Television shows. Pop stars.

You get the picture. Continue reading

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Awesomecon 2014

Awesomecon was something that only barely registered on my con schedule. A few friends of mine had expressed interest in going and then the momentum built from there.

This will be the convention of The Selfie. I’ll explain why in a bit.

—what a comic book convention was like before EVERYONE RUINED IT.

I didn’t plan on Awesomecon. I was fatigued for several reasons. These reasons are listed here in no particular order of importance:

  • Drinking almost every night
  • Walking upwards of 12 miles a day on the ambitious days that I went into Boston to play Ingress “check it out”
  • A late night eight hour train trip back to the District
  • Making poor life choices in terms of bedtimes

So I really wasn’t thinking about attending a convention right away. Then a couple of people were asking if I’d attend and then I made a snap decision to attend on Saturday.

I woke up tired, so I coffee’d up at Chinatown coffee and then got my ticket from the advance presale ticket booth. It was relatively painless. I wandered aimlessly through the exhibition hall, getting flashbacks to San Diego and what a comic book convention was like before EVERYONE RUINED IT.

I mean, before it got too large. Continue reading

Classic arcade room at PAX East 2014


Classic Arcade Room at PAX East 2014. Not featured is all of the classic 80s music being pumped out at full volume.

The yearly visit

I am astounded that Boston always seems like a nice place to live. I find myself thinking about moving but the idea is terrifying.

Plus the mortgage. But the thought is there.

Moving to a place that isn’t inherently political in nature is appealing.

More post PAX thoughts to come, but for now, this is the most surprising thing.

There, wolf

As I expected, I’m pretty terrible at Werewolf. There’s a misconception that I’m the traitor, the spy, the werewolf in any game with a social betrayal mechanic.

I am unsure of what it it’s exactly, but I’m disappointed in that. My friends and people I’ve met apparently believe that I’d be a great liar, a con man of some sort.

But I’m pretty straightforward in all of my interactions, I play things pretty earnest.

So part of this is disappointment in the fact that I am horrible at something people believe I should be great at.

The other part is wanting to be great at deceiving people, but what kind of aspiration is that?

So I’ve learned something about myself.