Monthly Archives: September 2002


See you in October!

Vacation's a funny thing

Leaving my house has me somewhat apprehensive.

I like staying home. Lounging in my own bed. Making tea in the morning. The familiarity of the Clover Market. Walking into Atomic and having a Guinness poured for me without saying a word. It’s all very comfortable and familiar.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m looking forward to waking up every morning and realizing that I don’t have to go anywhere.

It’s just that I’m in that “comfort zone.” The one I’m loathe to leave.

Bah–I’m sure all of this will dissipate once I’m on the road with my travel partner.

So, I'm thinking.

Yeah, I know–stop that.

But seriously. The laptop stays at home. Everything work related–out of sight, out of mind. No phone while walking the park. Not going to carry anything else around. No internet for these ten days.


I haven’t slept well for what seems like a long time now. I’m so damn tired. I don’t remember having any dreams at all–except for this past saturday. I decided to stay home and rest. I had a dream about vertigo and woke up surprisingly well rested. I’d slept around ten hours, which is different from what I normally require. I usually get up after six and a half. But I dreamed.

No matter where I was walking–on the sidewalk, standing on an escalator–it always felt like I was on the verge of falling. Even if there were handrails, they never seemed enough. If I didn’t focus on trying to keep my balance, I’d fall over. I didn’t see where I’d fall to, but I didn’t want to find out. Eventually, I fell over and woke up.

Now, if a dream like this makes me feel well rested. . .

In one weeks time. . .

I will be on the road, taking a trip to Orlando, Florida. It’s time for a well deserved vacation. This particular trip is very important to me, mainly because it’s the first time in a long time I’ll be traveling for leisure, and not Christmas or a Graduation. (While important, there’s just something about taking a trip to–well, take a trip.)

And yes, I’m heading to the Magic Kingdom. I’ll take my leisure packed up and merchandised in easily digestible helpings, thank you very much. What I’m most looking forward to is the sleep, and the company. Haven’t slept well lately. I’m hoping this will change in new vacation type surroundings. We’ll see.

It's strange

I’m just thinking about how tomorrow is, well–tomorrow.

In some respects, just another day. We’ll go to work the same manner as today and yesterday. But it’s not really just any other day, is it?

Everyone knows exactly what they were doing that day. I know details, but I also remember that I wanted to be next to someone close to me. A personal friend. I sought one out. We had lunch and a drink until traffic dissipated.

So many memories of one day that I’ll never forget.