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It’s strange to be back here again after a decade or two.


But I’ve shadowed for three performances. Now it’s just me on SR. Thankfully I’m not in charge. That’s a small relief.

But now alone back here I find that there is no one for me to talk to, so the focus is on the show.

Picking up more dialogue this time. It’s interesting. Every time I’ve been involved in the theater, it’s been onstage. A sort of fever dream where I remember the rehearsals, but not the performances.

So do I miss it?


How I’m keeping busy and fit nowadays.


State of Play

Lords of Waterdeep

I keep coming back to Lords of Waterdeep. It’s the mechanics, and the differing quests and buildings that ensure each game plays differently. I removed building lord, mainly because I had new players I was introducing the game to.

Overall playing time was about an hour and a half, including setup and teaching the game, but my players really got the game in the first turn, which was awesome.

I won, but the game was really close. Tony probably would have won, if Erica and I didn’t conspire against him.

Love Letter

Another play for Love Letter, and another enjoyable play. We played three rounds, with Tony winning before moving on to to COUP.


This is my current love affair. Mainly because I want to get better at it. Continue reading

Risk of Rain

Or, how I lost spent an enjoyable nine hours of my life (and possibly even more) playing a rogue platformer.

Risk of Rain’s mission statement is simple: Traverse a platforming stage, find a teleporter, activate it, and survive long enough to use it once it’s powered up.

Initially it doesn’t sound compelling. There are no skill trees. Its graphics are a sparse, minimized representation of a barren world. It is running and jumping with randomized items.

But that’s not entirely what it’s about.

Risk of Rain is about dying. More accurately, it’s about dying, and then selecting, “Try Again?” Continue reading


A small latte and an everything bagel.


Watching it rain outside, while being inside and enjoying coffee.