Monthly Archives: September 2003

Commuting Physics

Schroedinger’s Bus

The M4 to Sibley Hospital is simultaneously late and on time, up until the point that an outside observer determines that the bus is late.

And as of late, I’ve observed it becoming later and later.

It should not take me 45 minutes to take a bus to work when I can walk to work in 30 minutes. The only good thing about this is that I can catch up with all of my reading.

Re learning

Last night, I remembered why modern man invented the electric light. I remembered why it was so important for early man to have fire. Connecticut Avenue, being a main thoroughfare, has all of its streetlights powered. The side streets between Connecticut and Nebraska, however, are a different story altogether.

As I started walking towards the metro station to meet a friend, I found that I was facing complete darkness. The route was a familiar one, one that I walk daily. It’s my commute to work. Normally, the walk feels more like a responsibility, and I never had a second thought about my next step, or what was next.

Now, with no light, it had taken an altogether sinister aspect. The trees loomed overhead. I smelled rotting fruit and branches, but I couldn’t see any of them. Empty houses, bereft of light, deserted by their occupants, lingered just outside the tiny cone of light I could muster with my keychain flashlight.

Step by step, over downed branches, avoiding potholes, through spiderwebs, tripping on uneven sidewalks, I rediscovered my fear of the unknown.

Improbabilities fluttered into my head. I was still calm, but I found that without seeing everything, my mind wanted to make things up as I walked along.

After what felt like an eternity, I was upon the station. My anxieties fled as the light revealed familiar surroundings, and I forgot about my walk.

Until I had to go home again.

That's what that is

Now all I’m hearing is the wonderful music of chainsaws. The sun is out. It’s relatively warm. I’ve had breakfast. And other than the phone call from work, I’m doing okay. Thankfully, it’s nothing that I have to go in for. I’ve got power and internet.

I’ve even been out taking pictures of fallen trees and the rest of the aftermath of the storm.

Additionally, thanks to the miracle of Cushy Academic Job–I’m in the midst of my four day weekend.

Do I know Tyler Durden?

Now with the lightning and the thunder and the wind.

And Fight Club.

I love this movie. I could start the movie, pick a random location, and enjoy that scene. I think the movie is that well crafted. If you haven’t seen it before, go out and watch it. Ask one of your friends if you can borrow it.

Because they own it, it’s that good.

Who's reachin' out to capture a moment?

Everyone knows it’s windyyyyyyy!!


In any case, it has begun. The rain has started, albeit lightly. The wind has started to pick up. It’s a bit tentative, but it makes its presence known through the not so gentle scratching of the magnolia tree against the windows in my family room.

The police have started to cruise Connecticut Avenue and inform everyone that no cars, under any conditions are to park on Connecticut Avenue.

Overall, there are still people walking around, more than I would expect, but other than that, it’s been pretty quiet.

I got my orange juice, and I overheard Joe saying that he has to stay with the store in case they lose power or anything happens.