Like TIVO, but with conversations

Time-shift is part of your fair usage bill of rights. Just a reminder. Now, on to the post.

With instant messaging, I realize that I’ve shifted away from “correspondence” and moved to “time-shifted conversations.” Talking about Cole, one of Julietz80’s dogs.

10:24 Julietz80: wetted down, he’s a chick pea
11:23 Praxis Loki: A FAT chick pea.

I like my use of the capitals to emphasize my tone of voice in this particular conversation. Note the hour lapse. I can see having this conversation face to face.

We are having dinner at Julietz80’s house. Cole waddles by, a bundle of white fur and two black dots for eyes. I note that he’s gotten larger in the last few weeks.

“Well, wetted down, he’s about the size of a chick pea.” Julietz80 explains.

Fifty-nine minutes pass. DanROliver prepares hotdogs on their outgoor gas monster that they call a grill. I have a hot dog with ketchup and chopped onions.

I stand up from the table, hot dog in hand. “A FAT chick pea!!”

There’s an uncomfortable silence as Julietz80 and DanROliver back away from the table. Julietz80 calls the police.

Proof, once again, that a lot of things are better out in the real world.