Madness! MADNESS!

The time is fast approaching for all those good little boys (and maybe a few girls–I don’t see any in those pictures that are not being paid in cold hard cash to be out there) to get their PSP.

Some places have midnight openings, some don’t.

Just remember that, according to SONY, it’s not just a gaming device.

It’s a convergent portable media center alpha-and-omega entertainment gestalt. (And therefore not competing with Nintendo’s GameBoy. Right.)

Funny, I don’t seem to be able to spell “convergent” with the letters “P,” “S,” and “P.” Maybe I need a SONY phone camera VAIO tele-dictionary.

All I know is that when I get one, the first thing I’m doing is popping in a game. I haven’t figured out which one. I’m hoping by June I’ll have something figured out.

Like financing and how many pints of blood I can really live on.