Monthly Archives: July 2005

Video Game related conversation

Julie: you are so down on WoW sometimes
Julie: I wish you weren’t, we really enjoy that game
Me: It’s great, I love the game, don’t get me wrong.
Me: Right now, it’s the game that was meant to be released in November*.
Me: Battlegrounds, servers are up mostly, latency issues are resolved.
Me: My main problems with the game lie with my hatred of humanity in general.

* Last November.

This Old House

The other day I attempted to use the peephole on my front door. The hole itself is surrounded by a not so small steel box, which also contains the doorbell mechanism. I find it disproportionately large for its purpose. It is ten inches tall, five inches wide, and approximately four inches deep. I can’t imagine that the doorbell is that complicated.

I have to manually raise a small metal gate, look past the doorbell mechanism, and peer at a peephole four inches away. Now, for reasons of privacy they have installed a one way mirror at the end of the peephole facing the hallway.

I think I may have mine installed the wrong way around, because whenever I look into the peephole, all I can see is my eye. So in short, it is useless. I thought of ways that I could improve on the experience, and then I saw the webcam on my desk.

I hopped on, priced the cheapest, smallest wireless webcam I could find and considered installing it in the door instead of the one way mirror.

I got to the power cable routing phase until I realized what I was doing, emptied the shopping cart, and quit.

That Settles That

Well we now know who the Half Blood Prince is, and I like the direction she’s going.

That’s all.

Otherwise people may kill me.

Comic Con

Comic Con starts today and goes all weekend, back in San Diego. Good buddy Travis is down there, taking in the sights.

I always mean to head down there to check out the Con (having free housing isn’t a bad carrot on a stick), but the travel doesn’t really appeal to me. On the other hand, I would get to visit the car again, and my brother has been doing some fantastic things to it.

Maybe next year.

Grand Theft Investigation

I’m going to guess that this is how it broke down:

Rockstar originally had explicit sexual content in Grand Theft Auto.

Before it gets released, they decide to cut it. However, in the tradition of lazy programmers everywhere, they decided to perform the equivalent of “commenting” it out. They left the models and the situations in the game code, but the content wasn’t accessible in the game itself. The game was rated M, for Mature, meaning that (Thanks, mom and dad!) anyone under the age of 17 is not allowed to purchase it.

Along comes the PC version and quicker than my friends end up in the sky cage at Nexus, some enthusiasts “hack” the original game code and find the explicit content. Then they release a modification for the game that allows you to see and experience this explicit content, in game.

Now, why does this warrant a federal investigation? There are more important things to investigate, I’m sure. Come on New York, let Hillary know about what you want investigated instead of “smut in videogames.”