Monthly Archives: July 2006


So, I’m going through a lot of old documents in the backup folder, converting the things I find into Rich Text rather than the 1994 version of Word. A lot of it doesn’t have a lot of fancy formatting, and all I really want is the text. I did however, find the beginnings of my Gargoyles: The Animated Series / Highlander crossover fic.

While not as embarassing as other fics, I still marvel at the few paragraphs I did manage to get banged out. I had some thoughts about Demona and Xanatos being really interested in the Immortals, considering Xanatos’s interest in Immortality, and Demona being interested in some way to “cure” hers.

Probably never going to finish it, although I had a fairly obscure in joke about Demona’s computer “sounding like someone’s mother.” I thought it would be witty, you know, since Demona was played by Marina Sirtis, who played Deanna Troi on ST:TNG, and the computer there was played by Majel Barrett, who played Luxanna Troi on ST:TNG, who was Deanna’s Troi’s mother.


Needless to say, it was never loosed upon the world, and arguably, it’s a better place.

But it could have!

Never happened to me before. Surprisingly.

Cute commercial for some startup.

Over a decade in the making

Just over, actually. PREY was announced first 1995, and over the years has experienced many changes. Overall, the final product was released last week, and it is very polished.

Not a single drab texture the entire game. It looks “whole.” As in complete.

Whether or not it was rushed out the door isn’t important as it plays like a fun game with a coherent story.

Ah, that explains it

This picture of the walker with the U lock was one of Mark Jenkins’s street installations. Although I haven’t seen the others, I’ll be on the lookout for them in the future.

Mark my words

No matter how much future proofing you try to do, one day, you’re going to kick yourself for saying something like, “Oh, I’m never going to need gigabit ethernet at home.”

This will be on par with saying something like, “Why would I need more than 640k of ram?”