Apple event

Well, that was a lot of iPod related stuff, but nothing you weren’t expecting if you were reading any of the rumor sites. The bit that was interesting to me was the collaboration with PopCap and the addition of real games to the iPod. It was only a matter of time, and this way, Apple starts tapping into that casual gamer market that everyone seems to want a piece of lately.

Now, the video breakout box. I have the suspicion that playback may be limited only to videos bought from the store. In that case, boo to Apple.

I have a perfectly good machine that runs VLC and is already connected to my television. Sure, there’s no remote and Front Row 2.0 interface—but my machine’s already done and it works. Hooked up to my surround sound, via the magic of physical switchboxes.

Where are my merom based MacBook Pros? Honestly!

One thought on “Apple event

  1. Kaze says:

    Well, given the fact that it is possible to get videos into iTunes for use on the video iPod without buying them from the store, it’s possible iTV may work with non-DRM’ed video.

    It’ll be interesting to see if there’s a lawsuit from eyeTV at some point in the future, if Apple stays with their iTV brand.

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