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N3: Ninety Nine Nights 360

Ninety Nine Nights came on the scene a while ago for the 360, and I decided to rent it from GameFly after seeing it on Dan’s playlist every time I log on to xBox live. While it’s a very pretty game, and a technically impressive game, there are some issues that take away from the fun of playing the game.

These issues, while not “game breaking,” turn the game into an exercise in hitting the X button.

I’d like to point out that the designers have most definitely watched the Lord of the Rings movies, because they are throwing lots and lots of enemies at you, all at once. Thankfully, your characters are more than capable of taking on hundreds of foes at once, and I actually relished seeing the thronging masses advancing as one solid tide. The first character you play, Inphyy (the rest are unlocked as you progress through the game’s missions) is an eighteen year old Temple Knight, and is a total badass.

She’s also well, to put it lightly, a crazy bitch.

It’s really very cool to see her plowing through dozens of enemies with each swing of the sword, a la Sauron, except she’s the good guy.

Sort of. You see, there’s a war going on with the Orcs, but during one mission, you actually face Orc non combatants. Continue reading

Fire Alarm

You know, seriously, I thought I was done with this after I left the college dorms a decade ago.

The fire alarm goes off. Of course, it’s cold out so we start getting our winter clothes on. By the time we’re set to go out, I open the door and run into a few members of the fire department telling me to go back to bed, and that it was a burst pipe that set off the alarm.

On the plus side, I never went outside.

Of course, now I’m awake.

No mere mortal can resist. . .

So a friend of mine sent me this movie link, stating that sometimes, she really regrets eloping.