Monthly Archives: June 2007

DOB Minus One

I was one of those guys, you see them all the time.  I’m walking and it’s a humid day.  I’m walking, and it’s humid, and it’s noon.  It’s humid, it’s noon, and I’m on a not-wide-enough-it-seems piece of concrete that serves as a sidewalk on Rockville Pike.

Walking to destinations that you normally take a car to is a humbling experience.  In my case, it was the Target near the Twinbrook metro station.

Near, being a relative term.   About 3,000 feet from the station isn’t so bad.  But then I decided to to to REI.  But before that, Armand’s.  Then I had to go to Whole Foods.  So it was a pretty long circuit.

During the trip there were numerous near run ins with vehicles.  I guess cutting across parking lots isn’t really the safest option as a pedestrian.  All in all, I spent four hours walking around, stopping nearly everywhere and reminding myself that walking around isn’t just for commuting or fitness.

Something which is easy to forget when you’re lugging around a laptop on your back all day.


On returning

Stepping off the plane at BWI, onto the tarmac, I was reminded of the feeling of coming home.  I literally felt what it’s like to be back home.  The air was thicker, and I felt like I was stepping into an invisible curtain.

That’s right, humidity.

Coming back from Lynden and San Diego had me unprepared for the type of weather that welcomed me back to the DC area.  Today is another one of those days when I look at the weather report and start to wonder why I’m here.

Then I look around my office and go, “Oh.  Right.”