The Obsoletes

I have a box labeled, “The Obsoletes.” It’s filled with an older gadgets and whatnot that for some reason, I just don’t use anymore. Going through that box (not as big as you’d think) I found my Casio WQV-3.

It’s a wristwatch camera.

Here is a picture from today, some artwork that I found interesting in a coffeeshop in Rockville.

Greenberry Lithographs

And yes, this is full size.

Initially had a hard time getting it to upload the picture until I slowed down the communication speed on the infrared receiver. For some reason it defaulted to 4000000. After I dropped it down to 9600, I was able to send the pictures to my desktop.

I didn’t have any installation CD for this device at all, fortunately CASIO has a fairly comprehensive drivers page for them. That’s relatively good support for a six year old niche gadget that didn’t sell very well.

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