On Conyers, GA

The South.

My brother had this to say about it:

You know, I’ve been to Communist China, and the South still scares me.

And I can understand his fear.  Still, that wasn’t my experience when I went to The South (Proper caps) exactly one year ago.

The South still has a public relations nightmare to clean up after that whole state’s rights issue that got blown way out of proportion. Then, as usual, the only people you see on the television are folks that appear to be straight out of Deliverance.

So they’re generalized, just like the Chinese are stereotyped, and Blacks are stereotyped, and Mexicans (as in people from Mexico) are stereotyped.

I went to the South and the worst thing that happened to me was that I got called, “a cracker.” Which was meant in jest regarding a grocery list and saltines and a carful of white boys and me.

And there was the tendency for waitstaff to make little assumptions.

“So table for three?”
“Four, actually.”
“Oh, you’re with them?”

I feel like I got a pretty good experience with the silent majority.

Folks, who are for the most part, just like you and me, but they just happen to be living south of the Mason Dixon line.

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