Daily Archives: January 4, 2010

Dragon Age: Updates

I almost hate to admit it but I may have reached that quitting point about six hours into Dragon Age: Origins.

Spoiler alert.  You may want to not read this.  For courtesy’s sake, I’m putting in a cut and all story related issues will be afterwards.

It’s not that I dislike Dragon Age: Origins.  In fact, I really like the decision making.  They have done a great job with setting up options that do not fall into the Moralistic Good and Diabolically Evil categories.  Most of the time, they merely present you with possible solutions.

And it’s hard to say where the paths will lead.  Sure, you could solve a problem the most expedient way, but there may have to be sacrifices.  Alternatively, you could solve the problem in a Chantry approved fashion and, well, there may still have to be sacrifices, but at least you did it in such a way that the Maker approves.

I applaud them for that.  It makes the virtual decisions feel like they have true impact in the virtual world.

All right.  It’s going to get very “in game” with terms and story so don’t continue if you’ve got a thing for spoilers.

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