Evelyn Evelyn Concert

Evelyn Evelyn at the 9:30 Club

Evelyn Evelyn perform at the 9:30 Club

It had been a while since I had been to the 9:30 club, so when Jason had a favorable review of Amanda Palmer’s ninja gig, I figured I had to go.

Jason and I met up at L’Enfant Plaza and met Jessica at Duffy’s around the corner from 9:30 for dinner and drinks before the show. Duffy’s is a hole in the wall with decent food. I am only marginally troubled by the fact that I left my roast beef sliders in their car after the concert. They were delicious.

I had my D70 with me, which made me only slightly nervous. The 9:30 had posted lots of signs that said NO FLASH PHOTOS, and NO PRO PHOTOS, but it was an Amanda Palmer concert. I got a ticket, was asked for my press pass, told them I didn’t have one, and then they let me in anyway. First plus!

Second plus was dead center balcony at the 9:30. Great view of the whole stage as well as the whole audience.

Evelyn Evelyn is a great concert. American vaudeville, show tunes, and a little bit of tragedy and comedy all weaved together into a show that engages the audience and makes them feel a part of the show.

The audience is addressed directly by Sxip Shirey, Evelyn and Evelyn’s “handler.” And it’s all got a snake oil salesman feel to it, which is only helped by Sxip’s wardrobe. So already, you feel like a part of the show, as audience, and willing participant in this fantasy reality that they’re creating.

They also perform it as a vaudeville act, and there are some great moments that you will not get by listening to the album. In particular, there is a great bit of improv where Evelyn Evelyn answers questions from the audience. You just have to see it.

The twins’s story is a tragic one and one that is best explained through listening to the album. Despite it being a tragedy, I have to say that it is the most fun that I’ve had at a concert in a long time. Not that I have been to a lot of concerts.

Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley made an appearance as well, showing up after Evelyn Evelyn left the stage. They are amazing musicians and I need more music from them.

A really good time, and a well documented and photographed event.