Industries of Titan

One Sentence Quick Take: This PC title is a city builder with an impressive number of genres that the developer has melded together into something that I find both fascinating and engaging.

Additionally, this title has one of the most woe inducing because it is so on point things that I have seen in a game.

A lot of genres depend on income generation, creating some form of money. In Industries of Titan, that is <Credits>

This game presented early game income generation by a worker citizen walking to a Monetization station with screens that, according to the in game description, generated credits by showing ads to workers.

Generates <Credits> quickly by hiring idle <Human Population> to watch ads.

Monetization Station Devices Wiki, Industries of Titan

The workstation itself is a bleak, a cramped area that I optimally place closer to the sleeping areas in order to maximize efficiency. It gets worse! Or—better?

This is the only way to generate credits, the game’s resource that has value through the shared delusion it has value. Actual physical labor only provides you with ever increasingly scarce raw materials.

//  "Ridiculous!" he said, sitting in a dedicated work area of his home with three monitors, three screens, three applications running, and two browsers with 16 tabs.