Monthly Archives: April 2002

Okay, Well, I Was Tempted

I broke down and bought the Ultimate Fights DVD. Now, first off, it was cheap. Less than twenty dollars. Well within impulse buy range. Second, this is really why I watch these movies. These are the parts that I skip ahead to in the first place. So, really, this DVD is actually saving me TIME. Which, as we all know, is far more precious than money.

Well, That'll Learn Me. . .

Always have hotspares. Always. With the burden of obligation comes the joy of responsibility. Since I’m obligated to take care of this place, I’m responsible for making sure that there are spare parts laying around. Thankfully, all of this was resolved in one day. Without the big boss knowing. Which is my job. I’m to make sure that everything is transparent. It’s one of those things where if I’m not noticed, then everything is going well.

Rain Rain

Here here. Nothing more to say about it, except that I can’t find my MOMA umbrella. The sky one. Which was pretty neat. I liked it a lot. A black umbrella that isn’t a black umbrella. Now I have to go searching through my house to look for it. Right now, I’m trying to decide between a folding umbrella and a standard one. Portability versus the stability of an umbrella that’s not really made to collapse.

Now Listening: Star Wars : Attack of the Clones
Thank goodness the tracks don’t have any spoilers like the Ep I soundtrack. Although I will say that it’s nice that Williams has incorporated the electric guitar into his work. MastrOfUnlocking states, “Nice of him to join the twentieth century. . . Even though we’re in the twenty-first.”

“Death of Qui-Gon?! Gee, thanks a lot Williams.”

That Just Ain't Right


Now, I could be reading something into this. . . But it’s probably just a picture of a trophy at a funny angle.

Okay. That Was Weird.

I’m having some really messed up dreams. Basically, in a nutshell, I was dreaming about some freaky ass shit. Like, Rick James freaky.

“So, she’s a super freak?”
“Super freak.”
“She’s super freaky?”



Gads. Somebody needs to get laid hereabouts.

Oh, and I love the segues between posts. Really, I do. It just shows how complicated we all are.