Things you may know

  1. I was born in Guam.
  2. I am many moons old.
  3. I work at my alma mater.
  4. I play video games and board games.
  5. You should really pay attention to number five.
  6. I have too many digital cameras, but I started with film, shooting on a Canon AE-1.
  7. I like to write, but I have an issue with finishing pieces of wor
  8. Became a homeowner about four six many moons ago.
  9. Craft beer over wine, but I’m not above a spicy red.
  10. I play the ukulele.
  11. I once took a selfie with Walter Jones and Jewel Staite.
  12. She liked that photo.
  13. Did I mention that photo? Because it’s awesome.