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She even caught me on camera. . .

This sort of thing is just too much fun to give up for public office.

It wasn’t me.


I think this is the best and worst thing to come along the electronics gadget pike in a long time. A portable, WiFi finder. Kensington is providing this particular gadget.

Your life on the road just got a lot easier. With the first and only WiFi detector on the market today, you no longer need to cross your fingers as you wait for your notebook to boot up. Just press a button and the Kensington WiFi Finder lets you know if your location is “hot”…instantly. No software or computer needed. What could be easier?

Yes, indeed, what could be easier? I guess this would be great for people that just want net access, but what about other, scruple impaired individuals?

802.11 seems to be a popular topic nowadays, what with the revelation that the PSP is going to have integrated wireless networking, as well. Interesting gaming possibilities there, along with the inherent security issues that always accompany wireless anything.

I remember watching television when I was younger, and when the Mission Impossible team actually had to send a man to the telephone switch box to physically connect a wire to redirect a call. *shrug* Just a thought that came into my head.


Passing the time on songfight today. For the uninitiated, it’s an open invitation musical tournament. From posts a title, people make songs for that title, the songs are posted on this page, people decide which they like best, and vote for their favorite.

Pretty straightforward.

Listening to this week’s options, I’d have to lean towards the Blind Mime Ensemble. ExplodingCat and I discussed the choices and while The Def Author was a contender at one point, he’s just too derivative of MC Frontalot.

On purely musical aesthetics, the Blind Mime Ensemble gets our vote with their “love child of Portishead and The Violent Femmes” sound.

While you’re there, visit coverfight, which was interesting. Some A lot of the songs are unpolished, but it’s good to see creative juices flowing over songs that other people have written.

So. . . maybe I have a problem.

I’ve got a Nikon Coolpix 2500, an AipTek Mega PenCam, and an AipTek Pocket DV2. I’ve got a Canon AE-1 and a Kodak point and shoot as a film standby. There’s also a Logitech QuickCam Pro and a camera for my PalmPilot. Why in heaven’s name would I want another camera? Of course, I do want the Coolpix SQ. It’s just. . . It calls to me. It might be the brushed metal, or perhaps the idea of a 3.0 megapixel camera with a smaller form factor. That, and it uses the same memory standard and batteries as my current mainstay camera.

I’m also considering another AipTek, the PocketCam X. They haven’t done me wrong yet. All those PenCam fans can’t all be wrong. Hencio would probably agree with me, too. He does some amazing stuff with that camera. I just take pictures of friends on the sly and submit things to the Mirror Project.

update: Dang, forgot about the Game Boy Camera, too.

Ah, the web

The Infinite Monkeys Protocol Suite (IMPS) and Weird Al Yankovic’s wedding albums.