Monthly Archives: August 2005


I want a new camera.

I look at all the wonderful pictures that people have taken on Flickr and I recall all the good times that I had with my Canon AE-1. I remember apertures and shutter speeds and depth of field and film speeds. I remember capturing a two hundred fiftieth of a second in full clarity, a neighbor’s hair caught mid spin as I called her name in the hallway.

Then I look at my point and shoot. For its size, it is doing a fantastic job of capturing the moment when I need it to. It’s a fine standby camera. But it is not something I can use to catch a friend’s smile from across the room.

I find myself wanting to go outside and just take pictures that capture not only the moment, but something closer to the experience of that sliver of time.

I toy with the idea of going back to film every now and again, but with film and developing costs, I might as well just save up.

Update: Working it out, I have estimated that I would have to process and purchase about two thousand four hundred photos (one hundred rolls of film) in order to break even on a digital SLR. Might be time to break out the relic and get a cheap scanner.


I think it’s reaching the point where not even I think it’s reasonable.

$2000 Xbox 360 bundle over at GameStop.

Click on, “THE OMEGA.” No, really, they call it that.


I went to Otakon this past weekend, and now I find that I’m featured in a webcomic. See if you can spot me.

/point /laugh

Best. World of WarCraft Post. Ever.

Here’s a snippet:

Pardon me for hijacking the thread, here..

But, Brion – if you don’t want your mother to know you were up and on the computer at 3:29 in the morning – DON’T post on a forum that she reads.


Busted, indeed. Hilarity ensues, the rest of which can be read here. For the non WoW players, this occurs at post number five, so you don’t have to read for very long.

Good to see families playing together though.

Moms 4tw!


I invented a new word yesterday writing an email to my mother.

Anymosity: Bitter hatred or outright hostile acts people believe they are entitled to when they are anonymous.

I had meant “anonymity” in the sentence, but I was thinking about the fact that people are more likely to act in an inappropriate way if they believe they are not going to be caught. Then my fingers did the rest and thus, a word was born.

The appropriate timeliness of the birthing of this word was only driven home last night when I attempted to complete a few quests in World of WarCraft.

Update: Alliance pansies milksops.