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So I’m in Best Buy in the xbox 360 section. I have been known to spend some time there.

In this particular timeframe, a woman and her teenage son are there as well.

She picks up a copy of Gears of War and asks her son, “Is this it?”

He nods his head, “Yes.”

She then does something that I have seen maybe a handful of times. She checks the rating. She puts it back on the shelf and tells him, “No. I don’t think this is happening.”

I’m in shock. I think this is called, “Parenting.” Continue reading

Crisis of conscience

I didn’t know what to do.

I cradled the Collector’s Edition of Burning Crusade in my lap. I looked at the green box, printed to resemble an aging tome, a green tinted money making monstrosity. What I held in my hands was more than just a mere expansion pack, it was the reason I was never going to see a Diablo III or a StarCraft 2.

Why would anyone spend money to create a game that might only sell a few million copies when they already had ten million people paying fifteen dollars a month to play an existing game?

The company that was behind this was Vivendi Universal, not Blizzard. And I bought the expansion pack, despite quitting nearly a year ago.

I did intend to start playing again. I mean, it’s not a bad game.

Well, it’s a good game.

I just hate all the people there.

Always a pleasure

If you’re a resident of the District, jury duty is one of the few things that the city can be relied upon. Every two years, almost to the day, I have been called to jury duty as a petit juror.

I know that the best entrance is the side entrance, directly to the family courts. This entrance is little used, and there is no line to get in. I know that the juror’s lounge is room 3130, and that there is a quiet room to the right of the lounge. I find it both comforting and disturbing that I know this, that I have this level of familiarity with a building that I visit once every two years.

Once ensconced at one of the desks (the one with the most easily accessed electrical outlet and phone jack), I found that I was most productive today. I managed to get to disc three of Justice League Season One. I was particularly amused by the first episode on the disc I started watching. The Green Lantern was on trial for destroying an entire planet. Fantastic way to start the day, considering my situation. I also learned that our VPN has too much overhead over a 26.4kbps dialup connection. Continue reading

Oh man

Not only did they get Grace Park for Command and Conquer 3, but they got Michael Ironside, and Billy Dee Williams.

So, in order, Boomer, Sam Fisher and Lando Calrissian are starring in (well, “starring,” with quotes) the Command and Conquer full motion video sequences.

Just watching the trailer is awesome.

I love the way Grace Park says, “Inops Officer, for the Global Defense Initiative.”

She makes it sound so damn sexy.

Final Tally

Final step count yesterday was twelve thousand nine hundred and four steps. I didn’t measure my stride length but even at two feet (a low estimate) that’s about four miles.

I’ll keep a record for this week and see if I really do walk twenty miles a work week.

I should charge for mileage.