Monthly Archives: July 2022

COVID Will Continue Until Morale Improves

Honestly that’s what it feels like as of late. The last eight days or so have been pretty hectic. I won’t say bad, they weren’t terrible. Or maybe they were.

I am improving, but slowly. It is definitely a longer recovery. Compared to the stomach flu I endured a few months ago, where I started to feel fine a couple of days after the initial symptoms stopped, this is more of an annoying clinging, cloying experience. Like a goop that is just sticking to your hand and you can not shake it off.

There’s no fever anymore, just a half congested nasal passage, and a cough that cannot decide if it wants to be here with me in the moment or stand just outside of my peripheral vision.

And then there is the fatigue, which I think is getting better but I don’t know anymore what normal feels like. It’s been so long.

It is, for me, the definition of a, “meh” (with an upward intonation at the end) state, where there’s some bad stuff happening, some good stuff is happening, but overall things aren’t improving as much as I would like, but on the other hand they are not getting worse.

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