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Sometimes you just want to take a walk, pick up takeout, and then go back home to watch Star Wars: Rebels.

And that is okay.

Honestly it feels like forever since I’ve gone out by myself and had a beer and sides at a bar.

Just to take a walk on a Sunday.

It’s pretty great but still looking forward to getting home.

Some mornings

And some mornings, I find myself in an upscale bodega.

Seated at a bar in that upscale bodega, and midway through a butter croissant and a soy flat white.

And thinking about how good it is and how on some level, I connect more with my father than I ever did when he was alive.

Almost all of it

Short for the summer.

I used to undervalue how much better a good haircut made me feel.

I’ll reveal the location sometime.

I want to book this restroom for self portraits forever. Didn’t see the hair on my face until later, but this lighting!