It’s amazing how much mess can accumulate in a room that I’m hardly ever in. So, I’m cleaning what I can today. However, with laundry and groceries and pretty much everything else that I have to do, it’s on my to do list.

Still haven’t gone to bed before three am yet in the past two days. Today is recuperation day, I guess. Saw a lot of people that I haven’t seen in a while. Ken’s birthday was a great time, although I did peter out around the midnight mark, until Ken helped me to a breakfast screwdriver and a mimosa.

Fantastic surprise party.

With an actual surprise, no less. None of that opening a door and “Oh hey, what’s this? People are here?” fake surprise. No no no. This was opening the bathroom and finding Homer gargling at the sink, Graham in the shower wearing a towel and me, with my pants around my ankles, sitting on a toilet reading the GQ with Charlize Theron on the cover, saying, “Jesus Ken! Do you mind?” surprise.

Uh, well, maybe Peggy will provide the pictures for me to scan later. As you can imagine, it’s rather difficult to describe.