Daily Archives: August 16, 2001

  “Hey Jason.”
  “Hey Fil, our DSL provider called, they’re wondering why you’re broadcasting the Code Red virus.”
  “Well. . . Crap.”

*sigh* Running a website isn’t all glory, money, fame and chicks. Sometimes, you gotta patch. And patch again. And then patch one more time, and then clean it. Then burn the hard drive so that nothing ever happens again.

Damn mutants. So I was contributing to the Code Red dissemination. I’ll never live that one down. I was patched up, too. Or so I thought. Thanks to Homer, I’m up to spec viral wise and patchwise thanks to Jason.

It takes a village to raise a website sometimes. I appreciate the help guys, I really do.

Work gave me a new toy today. It’s a two way talkabout t900 from Motorola. Email, text-to-voice, and some really neat capabilities. I’ll play with it a bit more and just learn about it.

Number of electronic devices Fil carries around on a daily basis : 4

Number of said electronic devices that are connected to the ‘net : 3

Number of times Fil uses the ‘net on any of these devices in a given day : 3

It’s not that I need to check email so much–it’s just that I can.

In other news today, I find that conveyor sushi is just too damn convenient. And fast. It seriously, unanimously, rocks. It was my first time tonight, but it won’t be my last. It’s like Dim Sum, but smaller, and more efficient. Tonight, I had edamame, chicken teriyaki, takuan rolls, cucumber rolls, california rolls, vegetable and shrimp tempura. Yes, all of that. And a coke. Hell yeah. Quick service, good food, good variety and great value.