Er, woke up late for anime. Now I have to get up in time for “work” tomorrow. A lot of you make fun of me for this “job” I have. Admittedly, I only work four hours a week at this job.

That doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to make “sarcastic quotation marks” every time you hear me talk about it. Nor is it okay to roll your eyes when I mention I “have” to go to work. I have to go all the way to Pentagon City and sit behind the counter at Electronics Boutique. I mean, that’s pretty difficult. For FOUR HOURS! And I have to talk about games all the time! All the time! I have to tell people what to buy, and I have to watch when they buy games that suck.

Ahhh. . . Text messaging:

The following conversation has been copied verbatim. It was held between a skytel t900 and a Nextel phone. It starts with me waking up in bed to the sound of a message arriving.

quixcell: U at au?
877613: actually, your page just woke me up. i’m @ home. @_@
quixcell: Oops! Sorry, come to my room! Check this out!
877613: that would mean getting out of bed. can’t you point a webcam at it or something?

Keep in mind–quixcell is one of my housemates.