What a day. Have to be at work early early tomorrow. (Read: 6 AM) Which means an early, early start for me. Earlier than normal. Have forgotten to do everything I planned today, save for get a haircut and eat dinner. Which was actually pretty good. Both the haircut and the dinner. You pay for the head massage, really. Dinner consisted of Sedona White Corn Tortilla soup, Field Greens salad, and some Earl Grey tea. Yummy. Dinner was here. I highly recommend. Although I never eat the pizza anymore. It’s always soup, salad, or appetizers. If you’ve never been, it’s a nice restaurant. If you have been, I’ll go and eat appetizers with you.

Walked home today. From Rosslyn. Red Line was out suffering delays. It’s a good walk, but I’m beat.

I don’t know whether to be envious or scared, but Ashe has just finished FFX with a whopping eighty-five hours of gameplay under her belt. I’m uh, at twelve.

Most Wanted: Time to do all of these things that I want to.