Just had this incredible dream. It was Christmas, and I was somehow in the Philippines. Now, I’ve never been, so I don’t know what it’s like. But it was incredible. It was one huge celebration. I was in some sort of village with a lot of lights, impossible lights. Red and green streams of light that sparkled and moved with a life all their own. They hung in the air, attached to nothing, and just were beautiful to look at. The village seemed to be right on the shore, and resembled a small spanish village. I think I was in a town square at one point, on the way to the bonfires for Christmas. When I approached the beach, down a stone stairwell, the night sky exploded with red and green fireworks.

The night air was warm. Food everywhere. Lots of pork, for some reason.

I was with a young woman–I don’t know who she is. At first I thought she was someone I knew, but I doubt that now. She took me by the hand and told me that she didn’t want to lose me. I told her that I had lost every last bit of feeling about the holidays, but being here now had renewed everything that I had felt about them. She smiled, and continued to bring me to people that I didn’t know, but they all seemed to be happy to see me.

I felt happy. It was nice.

Really no point in going back to sleep now. I’m already up. Surprisingly lucid, too. I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea.