Dinner, Anyone?

One of the best places to eat and have a good time has to be Penang, in Bethesda. Do not confuse it with its lesser, based in DC cousin. Had a good time there with a group of folks. Some people couldn’t make it, despite their best efforts.

To those people, (you know who you are) I say this: You owe me dinner.

It’s a large space, plenty of large tables. Aesthetically pleasing. Don’t miss the water wall. Although you can probably get away with eating there by yourself, I don’t recommend it. The servings are really made for two people. Bring at least one other person and eat family style. Or, if you’re by yourself, order up a $2.75 Kirin and Roti Canai (roh-tee cha-nigh) for a bit of something to keep your stomach occupied until you can whip up more people to eat with. Order Roti Canai anyway, it’s a pan based bread served with Chicken Curry as a dipping sauce and it’s delicious.

The only issue is parking and finding the place.

Anytime you feel like going, just let me know, I’d definitely be up for it.