Well, if you're in the neighborhood and want some pie

The Diner isn’t a bad spot to go. Filled with the beautiful twenty-nothing dregs of early bar crawl, the candle and projection television lit Diner offers a lively atmosphere in which to ingest pie. Nisa was looking forward to some Key Lime, but alas, of the three flavors of pie offered, Key Lime was depressingly absent.

Ah well. “Sometimes, you pick pie. Sometimes, pie picks you.”

Tonight’s contestants were Sour Cherry, Apple, and Coconut Custard. Fortunately, there were three of us, so we each had slice of pie to investigate. Nisa had her apple pie, A La Mode. Terrapingardens and I went for straight pie, he the sour cherry, myself, the coconut custard.

The coconut custard was served slightly chilled, with two small dollops of whipped cream on either side. The temperature was pleasant, although I don’t think it helped the pie. It was like eating a large macaroon. Chewing through a lot of coconut I found it not so custard like, but fortunately not overwhelmingly coconut flavored. Not an exceedingly sweet pie, which worked in its favor. I was expecting a bit of custard from something named “Coconut Custard Pie” on the menu, but oh well. Perhaps it should be called “Coconut Macaroon Pie.” The crust was a little bland, and about halfway through the pie, it seemed a little reminiscent of the refrigerator. Wasn’t too happy with it at that point–at which I merely stopped eating it.

We spoke with the curt, not so service oriented waiter, who tersely informed us (after not bringing something that we ordered) that they are not baked on the premises, they are removed from their boxes. Service, at least with our waiter, was not The Diner’s strong point.

Pie Score (Out of 10): 5

But damn if the burgers didn’t smell incredibly good. Despite the nineteen million pounds of ground beef that were recently recalled, I really wanted one of their burgers. Nisa ushered us two carnivores out before there was any sort of incident.

Conclusion: Average pie in a trendy pseudo diner atmosphere. It’s quite inexpensive as well. Pie’s three bucks. Add ice cream, and it’s another buck. If you happen to be in the area and you want pie with some ice cream, go for it. Otherwise, it’s not worth going out of your way or writing home about. Which, ironically I happen to be doing here.