Full Weekend

There was a concert. During which, I realized that I really do not listen to enough live music. I would have preferred a venue with seats, though. Maybe I’m just getting old. To the blond woman drinking beer out of a plastic cup and dancing with undue fervor: I’m new to the whole Aimee Mann thing–but her music has more of a quiet relaxed mood than your not so rhythmic convulsions intimated. Just an opinion.

Speaking of dancing, there was a very pleasant party with one of the married couples that tolerates my company. There was some dancing, mainly of the Dance Dance Revolution sort. There was a fantastic apple cake bread thing which was, er. . . fantastic. I brought gifts for the family that they had sponsored and they gave me dessert. A fair trade.

One night, there was tequila inspired drunken tomfoolery–which explains odd behavior for some, but not for those that were sober. There are movies of said gallivanting, but not anything that I’m putting up on the internet. Some of you can thank me later–you know who you are.

There was also work, which was surprisingly uneventful.

All of the above may or may not be in order. I’m just tired. Let me sleep.