The Ice Gods

Well, I went ice skating tonight. I’m also praying for a snow day tomorrow. I’m tired. But overall, I’m glad that I went. It felt good to be on the ice. I’ve been away for far too long. I think the last time was with krasota and explodingcat, although I remember that explodingcat just sort of stood at the sidelines and kept cold.

I wore just enough today to be warm while ice skating, but not freezing to death when standing still. I think I’m finally getting the hang of this “winter” stuff.

It was a good time though. There’s nothing like the feeling of getting out of your ice skates and back into regular shoes. It’s one of the best feelings, I think. Before I left, I touched my knee to the ice–I usually do this as a sign of respect to the ice spirits. So far, it’s done me okay and I haven’t wiped out too badly at all the last couple of years. Okay. I’m hoping for snow–time for sleep.