What I'll miss the most

Yes, I actually gave my two weeks notice at the other job. I’ll miss the “Clerks” inspired dialogues about everything and nothing. Most of all, I think I’ll miss refusing to sell Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to twelve year olds.

“I’m here to buy Vice City for my son, I understand you refused to sell it to him. What is your problem?”
“Well ma’am, since it is an ‘M’ rated game, we won’t sell it to minors. Your son is twelve years of age, therefore I refused to sell it to him. The game contains violent situations, such as drive by shootings, bludgeonings, drug running, car jacking, and killing police officers. You get rewarded for doing these things well.”
“I understand that, I’d still like to purchase it.”
“. . .”
“I can still buy it for him, right?”
“Yes. You can, but the game also has sexual situations and multiple instances of the ‘F’ word.”
“Cursing? There’s cursing in the game? I’m not buying that trash for my son!!”

In many ways, I will miss this. I’ll probably pick up seasonal temp work next year. So they aren’t completely rid of me.

Note to parents: Vice City is a video game for adults. It is rated “M” for Mature. This is the equivalent of an “R” rated movie. Learn the rating system. Protect your children. Find out what they are playing. Watch what they’re playing. Hell, play what they’re playing. Okay, that’s enough of an attempt to proselytize you all. I’m done.