Back to the ol'grind

After a fantastic Christmas Day dinner and a very long movie that ended at two this morning, it was extremely difficult to get out of bed and roll into work this morning. Then I remembered that there was nobody actually at work, and I could get something done.

I did beat my alarm clock before it went off, which was nice. I’m not saying that the whole two minutes ahead of schedule made it any easier, but I did at least get out of bed before the extremely annoying alarm that I picked. I grew accustomed to my alarm clock, so I decided to ditch it in lieu of something that will make me move out of bed and look at it. A year ago, it was my laptop. I would set the BIOS to boot up at seven in the morning. The whine of the hard drive and the light from the screen would wake me up. Then there’s the whole notion of “checking email” which gets me into an upright position, and then at that point, it’s hard to argue getting back into bed.

Once you’re checking email–It’s too late to go back to bed.

Today was made more difficult because of the fact that Two Towers (the very long movie mentioned above) didn’t seem like three hours. So, I was up way past my bedtime before I realized it. The movie was good. I’ll have to schedule another watching at some point. But probably during the day. Legolas, again, is a badass. I just have to say this again. I know I mentioned it in a previous post, but he’s just that cool. Pissed off Ents are also very cool, but not in the way that Legolas is just an Elvish Badass.

And, unlike some other “Second Chapter in a Trilogy,” this movie manages not to suck. Kinda funny how they both end up right after a battle, but right at the beginning of a war.