What America Needs Right Now

In light of the coming “war” with Iraq, the threat of terrorist acts on our own soil, and shuttles exploding for no good reason, I have to say this:

I think that t.A.T.u is the finest Lolita Lesbian Pop Group to ever come out of Russia.

Right. That said. Over the last few days, t.A.T.u. has been the topic of choice for me and my more music oriented friends. There is certainly no lack of controversy. There’s a brunette. A redhead. School uniforms. There’s some rain. Watch the video. I really don’t have to say much of anything if you watch the video.

Intrigued with the background traffic regarding t.A.T.u. that I picked up talking to people on the ‘net–I bought the CD. I even went to one of those, “music stores” instead of buying it online. It was humorously humiliating. I’m not sure if that was more from picking something up from the “Hot Hits” rack, or the withering look I was getting from the cash register girl. Regardless, on to a quick take of the music itself.

The CD is only eleven tracks, (more like nine, really–two of them are the original Russian versions of the US Releases) but like I stated above, there’s a music video because it’s an “Enhanced” CD. Mostly, it’s eurotrashy catchy goodness. They can’t really sing, as they constantly stay in the little girl register. Apparently this is something that’s typical of female Russian pop stars, according to explodingcat. On the other hand, can American popstars really sing? t.A.T.u. has a good beat and it’s well produced. Some vocoding hides the fact that they can’t sing, and I can’t see myself really getting sick of it yet. This is the third fourth listening, and no signs of stopping.

t.A.T.u. is something I’ll be popping into my MiniDisc and listening to in between all the other pop music that I have from Japan and. . . uh, Japan.

In summary: If you like eurotrash (and who doesn’t every now and again?) and a really, really good Marketing Gimmick (krasota calls them, “Mmmm, yummy”), give them a listen.

*cough* Lolita Lesbians