My fling with Claritin

At first, I could only see you with a note from my doctor. Then, a couple of days ago, we met in the drugstore, and before I knew it, we were together.

Being with you promised happiness, freedom, adventure. I was done with being miserable and feeling sorry for myself.

How little I knew then. Now I know that past your pretty packaging, past your sweetness, there’s nothing that you have that I want.

Which is why we have to part ways. We’re just not working out. I guess there’s no chemistry, but you don’t do anything for me. It’s hard for me to say, but I can’t lie to you about us. I wish things were different. I have tried and I have tried, but I feel that I’m doing all the work. I wish that we had some common ground that we could reach–but the last 48 hours of my life have been a living hell.

And you didn’t help. Not one bit.

Claritin (Loratadine 10mg), please don’t take it personally. It’s not you–it’s me. I feel like I just need something different.

I wish you the best of luck, and take care.

Allergies suck. What’s worse is that this Claritin stuff does nothing for me. And now I can’t take anything that I know works for me for 24 hours. Did I just get the sugar pill packet placebo by mistake?

Update: Researching Allegra instead, I decided to read the possible list of side effects. Of particular interest are the side effects at the 30mg dosage, and the 60mg dosage.

Side effects with Allegra 30 mg are low and may include headache, cold, coughing, or accidental injury.
Side effects with Allegra 60 mg for seasonal allergies are low; less than 3% of people experience cold or flu, nausea, menstrual pain, or drowsiness.

Accidental injury? I can imagine the drug trials.

Researcher #1: “Whoa! That’s the third piano that fell from the sky this week!”
Researcher #2: “Hrm. That one didn’t hit any of the sugar pill users. Better make a note of that in the list of possible side effects.”

And then, of course, there’s the whole menstrual pain thing. I understand that it affects less than 3%, but I’m not sure I want to experience menstrual pain, seeing as how I’ve avoided it all these years by not having a uterus.