A small announcement, Part II

There seems to have been some confusion about my last post, and before everything gets out of hand I’m going to clear a few things up.

First off–I am not a Republican. God no. Nor am I a Sith Lord, although that would be way cool. Nor am I an Anarchist–whether or not that would be cool, the government has no right to tell me.

Some of you may not accept what I am about to tell you, but it’s true. This is a decision that I’ve been agonizing over for weeks.

I’m an Apple user. I bought a PowerBook G4. The 12″. I ordered her May 1st and she got here yesterday. SuperDrive and everything. I’ve been going to the Apple store in Clarendon for weeks now, just chatting with other Apple users, asking questions, overall just having a really positive experience. My housemate is an Apple zealo–er, supporter as well, and has been evangel–er, educating me about the benefits of OSX.

I’m a geek at heart, and somewhere I somehow ignored the whole Apple phenomenon. Playing with OSX at the store totally made up my mind. So, I’ve got a new object of my affection now. She even sorts out the spam well without me even telling her what’s what. It’s fantastic. I’m very happy. She’s stable, and we haven’t had any problems yet. Unlike some other laptops I’ve had. So yeah. I’m an Apple user.

Oh geez, you didn’t think that I was. . .

Whoa now.