There are just some days that you just want to walk

Today was a good walking day. The air was unusually cool for May. The rain was light, the kind of rain that falls like snow. Each droplet carried every which way with the smallest gust of wind. I started walking home today, but then got hijacked by the sheer enjoyment of walking. There was the bookstore to go to. Then there was dinner to be had. Then, finally, the long way home.

The area that I can cover by walking comprises a four mile circle. Day to day, I live the majority of my life within that circle. Today, walking part of that circle, I ran into my own history. At this intersection, she made that illegal left turn the night that I began to fall in love with her.

Further down, there’s the liquor store where I bought my first bottle of liquor when I became of legal drinking age. For the record, it was a small bottle of kahlua that I didn’t manage to finish for about two years.

A bit further down, there’s the restaurant that I always bring them to. Small and upscale. Private. Excellent decor.

All little bits of my own personal history, triggered by a simple walk down a busy street.

I’ve been here a long time.